About the company

Biosystem SA is as the mother company consolidating a group of companies operating in the sector of environmental protection and waste management. The company acts as the capital provider, incubator of projects within the group and ensures cooperation of individual entities operating on parallel markets.

Core business

  • Ownership supervision over two take-back schemes supporting entrepreneurs in the implementation of statutory obligations to collect, recycle and take back packaging waste, waste batteries, as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Collection, recycling and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • Running the most modern WEEE Recycling Plant in Poland with a special line for the disposal of refrigeration units.
  • Sales of recycled products and raw materials.
  • Organisation of public educational campaigns on behalf of subsidiaries.
  • Import of electrical and electronic devices.
  • Retail and wholesale of electrical and electronic equipment.

Corporate governance

In 2007 Biosystem SA adopted the strategy to build a Group whose core business would be environmental protection sector. Currently, Biosystem S.A. is the owner of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Plant in Bolęcin and the main shareholder of two take-back schemes: Biosystem Ewasterecycling WEEE Take-Back Scheme SA, founded in 2006 (100% shares) and Biosystem Packaging Take-Back Scheme SA which started operating in 2002 (100% shares). As it holds the majority stake in both companies,  Biosystem S.A. has the leading role in the Group, and thus significantly affects its development and development of processes, capital and resources.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Plant in Bolęcin

In October 2012 Biosystem SA opened the most modern Waste Electrical andElectronic Equipment Recycling Plant in Poland in Bolęcin near Trzebinia (Małopolska region, Poland). The investment was co-funded by the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program and has a technological line that meets the most stringent environmental protection standards in force in the European Union

Having an own WEEE recycling plant has allowed Biosystem SA to build an efficient system for collecting and recycling ewaste and to gain a significant competitive advantage over other entities in the industry. The availability of the plant infrastructure and technology allows Biosystem Ewasterecycling SA take-back scheme to offer its clients attractive and comprehensive services in the field of assuming the responsivity to collect and process waste from electrical equipment.